Back in the ’90s, the electrical engineering student, Juliano Anflor, decided to develop a car audio amplifier as a college project. What started as a hobby, turned into a passion, and some years later into the business of his life.

Always innovating and searching for new technologies, Soundigital has earned its share of the Market in a small period and has become the apple of the eyes of well-known and demanding professionals of this segment. The brand’s products can be found in over 40 countries around the globe nowadays.

With our world headquarters based in southern Brazil, we built our own factory located in the heart of a technology and manufacturing hub. Employing our own engineers, assembly technicians, and quality control specialists, we can control every aspect of our amplifiers from start to finish. In addition to this, we work with neighboring companies to custom-build parts and components, making sure that our amplifiers lead the market and set the bar.

The EVO X Line brings the latest technology in a compact design with the highest quality components. From a pioneering technology, SounDigital brought to car audio amplifiers something that had not been explored yet. The thermal coupling through the RTGP system.

The exclusive RTGP system (Thermal Recovery for power generation) assures SounDigital products both greater thermal efficiency and robustness with higher stability.

Subzonic Car Audio is the Official Distributor of SounDigital Amplifiers in the UAE